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A full and functional smile is crucial to self-esteem and pursuing daily life. Thomas Lovetere, DDS, provides dental implant treatment to replace missing teeth and restore a comfortable bite. Our Boca Raton practice offers planning, placement, and restoration of dental implants for individuals looking to permanently rebuild a full smile.

Palm Beach Dental Studio of Boca offers modern dental care, making use of quality materials and cutting-edge equipment to achieve long-lasting tooth replacement. To see how dental implant treatment can benefit you, visit our practice located in Boca Hamptons Plaza, or call us at 561-488-0770. 

Replacing Missing Teeth in Boca Raton

Our Boca Raton dentist walks patients through every step of dental implant treatment. We create a plan that incorporates the number of teeth missing, your individual jawbone structure, and the type of restoration desired. Whether you wish to obtain a permanent solution and move on from traditional dentures or to have a full smile that allows you to eat and speak normally, we understand and will accommodate those needs. 
Dental implant treatment is unique in its ability to permanently replace teeth. This method uses implant posts as a foundation for restorations. Posts are surgically placed into the jaw bone, offering strength and support that’s similar to a natural tooth root. 

Obtain a Like-New Smile 

Dr. Lovetere is experienced in customizing dental implant restorations to create a smile that is both functional and beautiful. Here are your restoration options: 

Porcelain Crowns – Replace individual teeth. 
Bridges – For two or more teeth in a line.
Dentures – Filling whole arches but permanently attached to implants. 


This treatment method uses only four implants to support a denture. This offers patients a minimal way to rebuild the smile, when whole rows of teeth may be missing. After implant posts are introduced into the jaw, patients receive their denture the same day, providing more efficient treatment. With a successful procedure, patients can return to daily activity much more quickly. 

Dental Implant Placement and Restoration

The treatment process begins with an individual consultation. Dr. Lovetere is passionate about giving patients personal time to understand their options and how the treatment works. Then, we have patients get a 3-D scan of their smile, allowing us to fashion a surgical guide for precise placement.

Patients missing any number of teeth can obtain the benefits of dental implant treatment, providing they have enough bone structure to support implants. If bone tissue is not dense enough, Dr. Lovetere will perform bone grafting for long-term oral health and implant success. 

The placement process is simple and requires only local anesthesia to numb implant sites. Made from titanium, implant posts fuse to the bone over time, creating a resilient and long-lasting bond. After patients have healed, our dentist will provide a restoration to match your individual smile needs.

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