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Invisalign® clear aligners are a trusted dental appliance well-known for the effective treatment of misaligned teeth. Discreet and convenient, these braces offer wearers the ability to be treated with minimal changes to diet and oral care habits. Dr. Thomas Lovetere offers Invisalign treatment to teens, adults, and seniors in Boca Raton, helping many to achieve a uniform and comfortable smile.

Palm Beach Dental Studio of Boca is a modern dental practice that provides Invisalign aligners to address the cosmetic and occlusal needs of our patients. To experience the personalized and transformative treatment Invisalign braces offer, contact us today. 

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Comfortable and Reliable Teeth Alignment

Invisalign aligners are fully customized to the wearer’s smile. Our Boca Raton dentist utilizes precise digital impressions to map out your treatment, making it all about solving your unique dental issues. The Invisalign clear braces system is an innovative technology that corrects crooked or unevenly spaced teeth and helps shift the jaw into an ideal position. Addressing mild to moderate alignment issues, Invisalign helps many to obtain the smile they were meant to have efficiently and comfortably.

Teens and adults benefit the most from Invisalign, for it works best on smiles that are fully developed. Older patients are also candidates for Invisalign since the trays can be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as implant placement, for optimal spacing in the smile. Whether your teeth have relapsed out of alignment, or you never benefitted from traditional braces, Invisalign may be right for you. 

Restoring the Freedom of Everyday Life

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign is nearly invisible and removable. Not only does this support self-esteem during the alignment process, but a normal life. You can enjoy your routine diet, just remove Invisalign clear braces during mealtimes. Oral care is made simple, too. Patients remove their aligners when brushing or flossing, and also wash out the removable braces for continued hygiene. The general rule is that patients wear their aligners at least 22 hours a day.

With Invisalign treatment, you don’t have to worry about your braces impeding normal life. Whether you have an important event or have to maintain a professional look, Invisalign supports your lifestyle. 

Additional Invisalign Benefits

Invisalign aligners offer patients more than just tooth correction. When you need teeth whitening, your clear braces can serve as the trays that deliver whitening material to your teeth. Since they are customized to your unique smile, you can trust that the whitening will fully cover the surfaces of your enamel. Dr. Lovetere provides the whitening gel for patients!

When you have TMJ dysfunction (TMD), Invisalign can correct the bite problems that are causing it. Similarly, if teeth clenching or grinding is an issue, Invisalign protects your teeth, preventing them from receiving damage. 

Palm Beach Dental Studio of Boca offers Invisalign in Boca Raton 

Our Boca Raton dental office is experienced in delivering successful Invisalign treatment, helping patients to obtain beautiful smiles. For your Invisalign consultation, please schedule an appointment with us!


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